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As a father and grandfather, I understand how important our education system is in shaping our children into who they are. That is why I am dedicated in growing our public school system, community colleges, and public university. During my time as senator, I have sponsored multiple bills that will improve our education system for years to come. Some of these include the NC Promise Tuition Plan Funds which will provide more affordable higher education access for North Carolinians and NC S816 that will allocate more funds to both community colleges and public high schools to make sure that student’s quality of education is not compromised with the increased number of enrollment. I will continue to fight for our educators and our schools to make sure they are receiving the money they need to continue to educate our children and support higher graduation rates.


As the founder, president, and CEO of a farming company and the chair of the Senate Agriculture committee, I see the necessity for legislation that will support our farmers and our rural counties. Agribusiness is vital to our North Carolina economy and I am proud to be a voice for our farmers. That is why I have sponsored legislation such as NC S812 which pushes for funds to allow the Agriculture Science Centers to flourish. In addition, I also voted in favor NC S315 which will grow the farming industry in North Carolina by allowing Hemp to be farmed.


I have made it a priority of mine as my time as senator, to limit regulations and taxes in order to put money back in the pockets of businesses. As a businessman myself, I know that the private sector creates jobs – not government. That is why I have continuously supported tax cuts to the record low that it is today. These tax cuts in return, allow businesses to create jobs which is why around one million more people have been employed in 2020 versus 2010.


I understand the COVID-19 has caused devastating impacts on all citizens of North Carolina, ranging from the safety of our citizens to the shutting downs of businesses. That is why I am working tirelessly in order to keep our citizens safe and allow our local business’s doors to remain open. I have sponsored legislation such as NC S704 which provides aid to North Carolinians in response to the pandemic. I have voted in favor of bills such as the No Patient Left Alone Act which allocates funds in fighting the virus and allows patients to have a visitor in the hospital with them. I will continue to push for legislation that will provide relief for North Carolinians and fight the spread of this virus.


Healthcare costs have spiraled out of control and many citizens are facing shortages in care. That is why we must increase our Medicaid services. Many citizens in Lenoir, Duplin, and Sampson County rely on Medicaid for their health services. During my time as senator, I have sponsored legislation such as NC S808 which appropriated funding for Medicaid and implemented Medicaid transformation. In addition, I am a firm believer in Market Place Healthcare which would allow small businesses to qualify for low insurance rates allowing for their workers to receive better healthcare coverage and lower premiums.

Second Amendment

I am a firm believer in the second amendment and believe that citizens have the right to defend themselves if they so choose. Democrats are adamant on trying to reverse our individual liberties granted to us by the Constitution. I will continue to fight for safe and responsible gun ownership so we can continue to protect ourselves.

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