Dear District 10,

I want to reiterate my support of Thom Tillis for Senate in 2014. Thom has been Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives since I have been in the North Carolina Senate, and his proven conservative leadership gives me confidence that he will represent our state with smart, business-friendly resolve.

I am honored and proud to co-chair the Farmers for Tillis Coalition. When asked, I accepted without hesitation because as co-chair of the Senate Agriculture/Environment/Natural Resources Committee, I can attest to Thom's record as a pro-agriculture representative, helping us pass landmark farming legislation in 2013. With Thom Tillis as a US Senator, North Carolina is ensured an agriculture advocate in Washington.

We are beginning to see the results of Thom Tillis’ conservative leadership as new information is released about economic improvement in North Carolina. The unemployment rate in our state has fallen more than 3.5 % in three years and is now below the national average for the first time since March 2006. Thom Tillis will take his proven leadership, knowledge and experience to Washington and help get our national economy working again.

Thom Tillis is asking you to support him because 200,000 individuals now have jobs since Republicans took control of the legislature—and that number can increase even more with a Republican majority in the US Senate.

If you want a Senator who will support lower taxes, fewer regulations, positive education reforms and less government spending, then Thom Tillis is the candidate to vote for in the primary on May 6, 2014.


Brent Jackson


New Senate Appointments and New Economic Data

Raleigh has been a busy place since the release of our last newsletter!  In addition to my regular interim committee meetings, I have received some very exciting news regarding my responsibilities in the Senate.  I am honored to announce the President Pro-Tempore Phil Berger and my Senate colleagues have recommended me for co-chairman of the Senate Appropriations/Base Budget Committee.  As co-chair, I plan to continue the work of the 2013 committee, which wrote a balanced, fiscally responsible budget that safeguarded north Carolina's long-term financial health while creating a business-friendly environment.  Click to read on!


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