As your senator, I will fight every day to make North Carolina a land of opportunity where our citizens can live up to the fullest of their God-given talents.

I know that private business create jobs-not the government.  I will support efforts to help businesses hire employees.  Many taxes and regulations are burdens on businesses, and therefore, the economy.

As a small businessman myself, I know small business is the engine that drives our economy.  I will fight for the good jobs we have and work to foster an environment that adds more jobs to the district.

As a lifelong supporter of community colleges, I will fight to make sure those schools have the resources they need to provide the training to our citizens that they need to compete in the global economy.  I also support jobs training in our public school systems.

Nothing hurts our economy more than an obstructive government that taxes too much.  Every dollar taken from our paychecks is one less dollar that we can spend on things we need, save for the future or invest.  Excessive taxation comes from failing to manage governmental spending.  I will fight every day to end wasteful spending.

I understand that many of my fellow citizens are truly struggling during this economy.  I will not rest until I make sure people have the resources they need to get through these difficult times and live up to their fullest potential.

Spending and Taxes

Spending in Raleigh has gotten out of control.

Legislators there are failing to dig deeply enough to determine if a program is beneficial or necessary for North Carolinian's.  The first step towards fixing the problem is to create greater transparency in the state government.  Improved transparency in our state's budget and operations will bring a greater degree of accountability of legislators and their actions.

I believe the state budget process is broken because it focuses on the percentage of increase from one year to the next.  I will fight to implement zero-based budgeting to examine and ensure that each and every state program is providing the value to the public it was intended to.

I believe adequate funds should go to meet our constitutional responsibilities of properly educating children, protecting society from criminals, building safe roads and bridges and providing for those most needy among us-including the elderly and mentally ill.

I will fight against special interest projects that benefit only a small minority of the population - usually in high-ranking legislators' districts - while costing the majority a bundle.

I strongly oppose the rapid rise in debt ($3billion currently) that our state has incurred since 2000.  All of it has been accrued through legislative trickery instead of a Constitutionally-mandated vote of the people.

The bottom line is that I will be working to fund essential state services first before discussing any new spending projects.

Our state has spent money in good times on projects we do not need and failed to save money for the tough times in which we now live.  That is poor management and poor accountability to the people.

I am going to fight waste and fraud by working to make our state's government responsible and responsive to the people.


An unprotected border is a clear threat to our national security.  Millions of illegal immigrants enter our country without our knowledge or consent; many end up here in eastern North Carolina.

I understand that this country was built upon immigrants that journeyed to America to seek opportunity and a better life.  But taxpaying citizens must not be forced to pay for welfare, medical care and higher education for those who choose to enter the country illegally.  Furthermore, those immigrants who migrated legally should not be punished by granting illegal immigrants amnesty.  I do not support amnesty.

I believe true reform to our immigration system is needed - not confusing lip service as we have seen in the past.  I support making English the official language.  I also support reforming guest worker programs, such as the H2 programs, that many agribusinesses use, so that employers have workers they need for the job. 


Education is fundamental to developing individual's potential.

I support directing sufficient resources to our teachers so that they have what they need to develop our children into bright, capable citizens.

I support awarding recruiting bonuses to teachers who will fill much needed positions-especially in math and science.  I also support granting bonus pay to those teachers willing to teach in schools that are deemed to be struggling to meet students' needs.

I support awarding merit pay to teachers and all state employees who perform their jobs better than their peers.

I believe that teachers should be free to teach their students without excessive, burdensome paperwork and needless regulations.  Education is about teaching children and helping them learn the skills that will propel them far in life.  We must support our teachers and watch out for their best interests just as they watch out for our children's.

Furthermore, I support education policy that emphasizes reading, math and science and raises the test scores of our children.  We must ensure that our graduation rates continue to rise while our drop-out rates fall.

Finally, I will consistently work so that all citizens have the ability to access well-paying jobs and are not held back by a lack of knowledge, skill or experience.

As a father, grandfather and a proven leader, providing quality education for North Carolina's children is a top priority.  I hope to earn your vote in May so that I can fight for you, the education of our children and a brighter tomorrow for all North Carolinian's.  I ask for your prayers, your vote and your support in my campaign.

Medical/Insurance Reform

I believe we must pass medical malpractice reform because lawsuit abuse and skyrocketing jury awards are driving up the cost of health insurance for working families.  We must continue to fight to reign in these lawsuits and get our insurance costs under control.

Additionally, as a small business owner, I strongly support Association Health Plans, which would allow small businesses to pool their buying power to qualify for the same low insurance rates that large corporations enjoy.  This collective buying power will mean lower insurance premiums and better health plans for our workers.

Finally, I believe the state must fully fund county Medicaid services in order to sustain the program.  Many citizens in Duplin, Lenoir and Sampson Counties rely on Medicaid for needed healthcare services.  As your Senator, I will make certain that funds intended for Medicaid are used for Medicaid.

It is vital that we work hard in order to stop the cost of health care from continuing to spiral out of control.  I hope that my commitment to market based health care for all North Carolinian's will help earn your vote for me in November so that I can fight for you and the betterment of our health care system.


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