The NRA endorses Brent Jackson

NRA Officially Endorses Brent Jackson's Campaign for North Carolina Senate

The NRA has officially endorsed Brent Jackson who is running for North Carolina Senate out of district 10.  The NRA promotes firearm and hunting safety and educates the general public about firearms in their many contexts.

Mr. Jackson received his endorsement because of his commitment to defend and foster the Second Amendment rights of all law-abiding citizens.  "The NRA-PVF is endorsing Brent Jackson because he is a strong defender of the Second Amendment freedoms of law-abiding gun owners, hunters and sportsmen in North Carolina," said Chris W. Cox, chairman of the NRA Political Victory Fund.  "On November 2, I urge all NRA members and gun owners in the 10th Senate District to vote Brent Jackson for North Carolina Senate."

Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler Endorses Brent Jackson for Senate


Steve Troxler, North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture, endorsed Brent Jackson for North Carolina Senate today.  Troxler, one of two Republicans elected to North Carolina's Council of State, pledged to all in his power to help elect Jackson to the District 10 seat encompassing Duplin, Lenoir and Sampson counties.

"Brent Jackson is a true champion of agriculture and a North Carolina success story," Troxler said.  He continued, "Brent has the business experience and vision for improving the local economy that eastern North Carolina needs.  I'm proud to offer him my full support."

Jackson was pleased upon hearing the news of having received Troxler's su
pport.  "Steve Troxler has served North Carolina honorably as its Commissioner of Agriculture since 2005.  As a farmer, I have been particularly impressed with Commissioner Troxler's commitment to finding new markets for North Carolina's farm products.  When I'm elected to the Senate, I look forward to working closely with the Commissioner to improve our local economy."

The Jackson campaign is focused on carrying its message of creating jobs and bringing a business-like approach to the General Assembly.  Jackson looks forward to continuing to meet and talk with the people he seeks to represent.  "As I travel the district meeting the people, I am going to continue listening to their concerns and their ideas.  Improving eastern North Carolina's economy is going to take a cooperative effort and I look forward to engaging all our citizens in this process," he concluded.

Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry Endorses Brent Jackson for Senate


Cherie Berry

Cherie Berry, North Carolina commissioner of Labor, endorsed Brent Jackson in his bid for North Carolina Senate today.  Berry, one of two Republican members of the North Carolina Council of State, called Jackson a "strong leader who will help revitalize eastern North Carolina's economy."

"Brent Jackson is the kind of leader that our state needs if we are to reach our economic potential," Berry said.  "Brent has the ability to identify economic opportunities and the vision to seize on those opportunities.  As a State Senator, he'll make a positive difference for the working people of Duplin, Lenoir and Sampson counties."

Jackson expressed his gratitude at having received Commissioner Berry's endorsement.  "Cherie Berry is a policymaker who has made a difference for the people of North Carolina," he said.  "Under her leadership, North Carolina has become one of the safest places to work in America.  I can learn a lot from Commissioner Berry, and I look forward to working with her."

Sheriff Jimmy Thornton of Sampson County Endorses Brent Jackson


Sampson County Sheriff Jimmy Thornton threw his support to Brent Jackson today in the race for the District 10 seat in the North Carolina Senate.  Thornton, a longtime leader in law enforcement, endorsed Jackson due to "Jackson's unwavering commitment to a higher quality of life for the citizens of eastern North Carolina."

"Brent Jackson is native to our area and he sees the potential here," Thornton said.  "The twenty-first century holds much promise for eastern North Carolina if our leaders have the vision to invest in education, public safety and infrastructure.  Brent Jackson has the right ideas about investing in these important things and improving our quality of life."

Jackson was optimistic that his campaign's positive momentum would continue.  "I am pleased that Sheriff Thornton has come aboard our campaign - and I hope that it helps lead us to victory," he stated.  "Sheriff Thornton is deeply concerned with the well-being and safety of our working people - and his record in office reflects that concern.  As a State Senator, my concern for our people's quality of life will motivate my actions on their behalf also."

Jackson is the Founder, President and CEO of Jackson Farming Company in Autryville.  Under his leadership, the company maintains thousands of acres of farmland and the wide distribution of its produce to a variety of retailers.  In addition to 30 years in farming, Jackson has contributed much to his community and industry through his involvement in civic and trade organizations.

Senator David Rouzer Endorses Brent Jackson for Senate


Senator David Rouzer of Smithfield endorsed North Carolina Senate candidate Brent Jackson today.  Rouzer, a Republican representing Johnston and Wayne counties in the General Assembly, called Jackson the "most qualified conservative candidate" for the office.

"I've had the pleasure to know and work with Brent Jackson for many years.  His plain-spoken, conservative and common sense approach reminds me of my long-time boss, Senator Jesse helms," Rouzer said.  "Brent has been a loyal friend and supporter of mine, and it is my honor to support him.  We need Brent Jackson in the State Senate."

Momentum continues to build for the Jackson campaign in its race for the 10th District Senatorial seat.  In recent weeks, Jackson has received the endorsements of North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler, North Carolina Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry and Sampson County Sheriff Jimmy Thornton.  Rouzer's endorsement was highly sought, as he is well-known in the area as a leader who helped engineer the tobacco buyout less than a decade ago as a Congressional staffer.


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