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Brent Jackson is Founder, President, and CEO of Jackson Farming Company, Inc. in Autryville, North Carolina.  Under his leadership, the company maintains thousands of acres of farmland and the wide distribution of its produce to a variety of retailers.  In addition to thirty years in farming, Jackson has contributed much to his community and industry through his involvement in civic and trade organizations.

Brent and the NC Watermelon Queen

Among others, Jackson has served as Chairman of the Board of the National Watermelon Association, President of the North Carolina Horticulture Council, a Board Member of the National Watermelon Promotion Board.  Additionally, Jackson served on the Board of the Sampson County Farm Bureau, the Sampson County Airport Authority and the Boards of the Clement Civic Center and Clement Fire Department. 

An education advocate, Jackson served on the Board of Trustees of Sampson Community College and Midway School District Board.  Jackson currently serves as a Board Member for the South River Electric Co-Op.  A church leader, Jackson has served in numerous capacities, including Deacon and Sunday School teacher at Union Grove Baptist Church.  Jackson has been married to his wife, Debbie, for 32 years.  They raised three children, of which two are living, and are the proud grandparents of two beautiful grandchildren.

Acres under production in 2008
4300 total including double cropped acres
1500 acres of double cropped watermelons, cantaloupes, honeydews, strawberries, pumpkins, squash, and slicer cucumbers, 710 acres grown on black plastic and drip irrigation, 1000 acres of corn, wheat and soybeans, 600 acres of peanuts and 330 acres of flue cured tobacco.

Other Agriculture Interest
Jackson Farming Company owns two country grain elevators for the purpose of purchasing and storing corn, small grains, and wheat, from our farms and area farmers.  In 2005 built and currently operate our own liquid fertilizer plant, which also supplies our farms and area farmers with drip fertilizer.

Business experience/history

In 1981 founded Jackson Farming Company as a Fresh Fruits and Vegetable grower/shipper to grow and sell our own produce.  After a hail storm in 1992 that devastated all our crops, we began selling as a produce broker for other growers.
Since then both our growing and brokering business have grown over the years.  We also have a small fleet of trucks to help deliver our fresh fruits, vegetables and grain to market.  Our major markets are Local/Regional & National Chain Store Retailers.

Education and specialized experience
Clement Elementary and High School
Attended Courses at Sampson Community College
Attended Courses at NC State University

Church Activities
1980 to 2001            Union Grove Baptist Church-Church Moderator
1980 to 2001            Sunday School Teacher
1980 to 2001            Member Union Grove Baptist Church Choir
1992 to 2000            Member Union Grove Baptist Church Quartet
1982 to Present         Union Grove Baptist Church - Board of Deacons
2004 to 2006            Union Grove Baptist Church - Treasurer

Farm organizations and USDA Appointments
NCWA            1995 to Present         Board member-served all officers positions
NWA               1997 to 2002            National Watermelon Association Regular Member of the Executive Committee
NWA               2002 to 2003            Second Vice President
NWA               2003 to 2004            First Vice President
NWA               2005 to 2007            President
NWA               2007 to 2008            Chairman of Board
NCVGA          1988 to 1998            Served all officers positions
NCHC             1992 to 1994            President-NC Horticulture Council
                         1992                        Jaycees-Outstanding Farmer Award
SCWA             1995 to Present        Out of State Member
GGINC            1987 to Present        Member Goodness Grows in NC
NWPB             1999 to 2001            Ambassador
SEPC               2000 to Present        Member Southeastern Produce Council
UFPA               2000 to Present        Member
NWPB             2001 to 2004           Board Member - USDA Appointment
NWPB             2002 to 2004           Chairman-Marketing Committee
NWPB             2005 to 2007           Board Member / Marketing Chm.
2006 - Testified before the US House Ag. Cmte on the 2007 Farm Bill for the Fruit & Vegetable Industry in North Carolina.
2006 - 2008 Out of State member of the following State Watermelon Chapters: Mar-Del, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, TX-OK, Ill-Ind, CA-AZ, MS-ARK.
NWPB              Feb. 24, 2009 - Nominated to serve again on the Promotion Board for a 3 year term

Other affiliations and appointments:
1990 to 1994      Sampson County Farm Bureau Board
1990 to 1994      Sampson Community College-Board of Trustees
1980 to 1990      Board of Directors-Clement Fire Department
1999 to 2001      Board of Directors-Clement Civic Center
1992 to 1996      Midway School District-Advisory Board of Directors
1995 to 1999      Sampson County Airport Authority
2006 to 2012      Served as a Board Member for South River Electric Membership Co-op
2010 to 2012      NC Senator for District 10 (Duplin, Lenoir and Sampson County)


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